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Green Production, DENO concentrate on environment-friendly process

Environment always played a victim role in industry development history. High-speed development of economy also leads to serious environment problems. Treatment after pollution, or solve problems from the root? Nowadays, Chinese government made a call to industry - "Energy saving and emission reduction"! Industry shouldn't have been the burden of environment!

Respond to the call of our government, DENO concentrates on building up a green production factory, and keep the pollution problem in charge through 3 major ways.

1. Optimize and upgrade our producing equipment to reduce the emission of production waste. DENO imported full-automatic lathes, CNC lathes and other advanced equipments, which took a big step towards green production.

2. Set up environmental protection facilities, and dispose the waste properly and recycle, which helps to decrease damage to environment.

3. Hire environmental workers to supervise production and rectify the production line, constantly push forward the green production process.


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