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Factory Direct Sale | Choose DENO

Why do you choose Factory Direct Sale ?

1. Reduce purchase cost:

Customers directly send PO to manufacture rather than reseller can reduce a lots of cost. None reseller sells without profit, right? 

2. Increase communication efficiency

For manufactory, it's easy to understand PO and demands of clients; however, for reseller, it's difficult. they need to communicate with clients, then convey to factory, and finally reply to clients, which cost a lot of time.

3. Cut down date of delivery:

For customers, date of delivery is important. Factory direct sale increase lots of communication efficiency. Customers can convey demands rapidly, and factory can revise production plans according to their needs soon, which help to cut down delivery date a lot.

DENO factory has been established more than 10 years, we are real manufacturer rather than reseller. We sincerely welcome you to pay a visit to our workshop.

We promise: give our clients best products and services with most economical price !


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